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Air Supplied Gas Suits and Dielectric Boots:

Air Supplied Half Suit (Blouse, NIOSH Approved): The Air Supplied Half Suit (Blouse) has Type C Continuous Flow Class NIOSH Approval No: TC-19C-378. Manufactured from fluorescent red (orange) neoprene, the air supplied half suit is fitted with a double glazed rigid visor with a removable outer visor. The half suit also features an open ended gas tight zip from the neck to the waist and quick disconnect air-line fittings.

Gas Suit (pdf):

Dielectric Boots: The Respirex Dielectric Boot is an electrically insulating dielectric boot with an integral steel toe cap and vulcanized rubber sole for superior slip resistance. The dielectric boot provides protection of up to 20kV over the complete boot for over 8 hours, and 35kV over the sole for 3 minutes and is labeled to ASTM F1117.

Dielectric Boot (pdf):

Koolvest™: Comfortable cooling in circumstances of increased temperature

The Respirex Koolvest™ is an innovative product conceived specifically to provide comfortable cooling to an individual in circumstances of increased temperature.

- Manufactured in Proban® flame retardant material with 100% cotton shell
- Absorbs heat generated by the wearer and maintains a comfortable cooling level of 65°F/18°C
- Can be worn directly against the skin
- One size fits all vest which is pulled tight to the body with adjustable straps.
- Machine washable
- Four internal pockets with hook and loop fastener tabs to contain the pre-charged KoolPacks.
- KoolPacks contain a safe, non-toxic, non-flammable semi-solid thermal energy storage material
- KoolPacks are simple to recharge in a fridge, portable cooler or even iced water
- Vest supplied complete with 4 KoolPacks.
- Single KoolPacks also available

Vest Sizing: One size fits all
Total Weight: 2.65KG/5.84lbs including KoolPacks
Outer Fabric: 100% pre-shrunk cotton
Flame Retardance: Proban® FR-7A®
Inner Fabric: 100% pre-shrunk cotton
Insulation: Thinsulate™ Polyolefin/Polyester
KoolPacks: Thermal absorbent sealed in leak proof polyerethane

Lift & Recovery Cushions Powermats Stak Jaks Pipeline Rehab Products Water Rescue Hazmat Suits Accessories