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Sometimes you just need a better way to lift...The Powermat is a heavy duty, high pressure lifting cushion designed primarily for lifting heavy objects in emergency situations. Available in 13 standard sizes with lifting capacities from 1 to 100 tons. The Powermat inflates rapidly offering a quick lift. More...

Stak Jaks:

Sometimes you need to stabilize...Stak Jaks have an inflated  self-stabilizing flat profile. Stak Jaks are inflated with air to quickly stabilize or lift heavy objects. Standard compresed air or breathing air systems can be used to inflate them making them ideal for use in rapid response emergency situations. The quickest and safest way to stabilize a precarious load.

Recovery Cushions:

Rollover Recovery Bags and Catch Cushions...MFC Recovery Cushions safely upright trucks with soft sided trailers. Soft pressure minimizes damage to the load. Wide footprint works in mud, snow, ice, gravel or sand. Catch Cushions prevent secondary rollover when uprighting.

Low pressure lifting bags for stabilization and lifting.